Il Mattino, Napoli

02 marzo 1986

The Disneyland of horrors

“The ancient rooms go back, symbolically, to the role of prison which they had in the past. Tens of thousands of visitors: all attracted, horrified, fascinated or scandalized by the displayed instruments. The exhibition has been accused of being the “Disneyland of Horrors”, a morbid series of instruments of torment and oppression. But many people appreciated, instead, the  very particular historical and documentary value of the exhibition which not only offers proofs of a past unknown to the majority, but also draws attention on those countries where still nowadays the defense of civil rights and democracy are very distant matter… For this reason the exhibition at the Castel dell’Ovo, thanks to the Culture Assessor of Rusciano, wants to leave Naples with its message against torture, a warning shout for the future”.

The Disneyland of horrors, Il Mattino, Napoli
02nd March 1986