Excelsior, Città del Messico

16 aprile 1995

Let’s abolish torture in Mexico

Sergio Aguayo, president of the Mexican  Human Rights Academy (AMDH), while defining the content of the exhibit shocking and exceptional, explained that one of the way to cease this practice in our country is by drawing attention on this negative and present aspect of human culture: the research – physical and psychological destruction of the “different”. He explained that it took three years to host the exhibit here, an exhibit that contains unique instruments. “There is no similar collection in quality and in variety”. Furthermore, with the exhibit,  AMDH will begin a campaign in Mexico that will last a year, against torture and its diverse manifestations. The campaign consists in conferences, summits, films festivals, traveling theaters and a composition contest on torture and human rights violation. “At the end of 1995 we will have sensitized millions of Mexicans on the important of erasing torture. The exhibit is the opportunity to force the scientific institutions to approach the matter, in order to reform our law and to reduce the use of torture in Mexico.”

Let’s abolish torture in Mexico, Excelsior, Mexico City
16th April 1995