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Nowadays, torture is not a common argument, it leaves us rather indifferent as we consider it distant from our world and our culture. Yet torture spreads today all over the world, refined by electronics, pharmacology and psycho neurology.

Although the instruments displayed belong to the past, some even more diabolic and refined are created and used everyday, secretly, on thousands of helpless people, usually guilty of following just an ideology.

As many past matters, torture takes part of our shared legacy and we cannot simply deny it or remove it from our conscience. We have to deal with it, to learn to recognize it, to try to understand it in its excesses and prejudices, in order to integrate it in another context. By washing ours hands of torture, we just ignore something that is part of us, of our history and our civil path.

History becomes instead a weapon that allows us to understand the present, to correct it and to improve it thanks to a clear awareness of the methods used in the past.

This exhibit wants to be a sign, an invitation to memory, a solemn warning so that such behaviors do not repeat because, nowadays as in the past, these repugnant acts keep on being perpetuated in our so-called “civilized era”.

Therefore the contents of our exhibition itinerary are aimed to defend free thinking and freedom of all of us, because knowing is always the best form of defense.

In conclusion, if these horrible devices are regardless precious as historical documents preserved and displayed with a humanitarian and social utility, we wish that with time we will talk about them as a shameful memory, only to be seen in a museum.

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