Clarín, Buenos Aires

30 agosto 1996

A torture instruments exhibit to shake our consciences

From today, at the Faculty of Law of the “UBA”, there is a traveling exhibition on torture instruments used during the Middle Ages up until the industrial era. Amnesty International is one of the patronizer.
“There are no pricks or polyethylene bags, but seeing these atrocities serves to shake the conscience of the open minded visitor on the instruments that are not shown in the exhibit, but that exist in our  reality”, said Maria Del Carmen Verdù, member of the coordinating agency against police repression, one the organisms which participates to the exhibit defending human rights.
Andrés Peluso, member of the executive committee of Amnesty International Argentina, explained the reasons that pushed them to patronize the exhibition: “The exhibition shows the atrocity of torture. The displayed instruments and the terrible pieces show how inhumane torture is”.

A torture instruments exhibit to shake our consciences, Clarìn, Buenos Aires
30th August 1996